Participate in Medical Research

Undergraduate students summer job: Associate to research on anthropology changes

Medical-Research is seeking candidates, undergraduate students, willing to join the team of researchers in study of anthropology changes (anthropology measurements), based in UK, London.

We are open to participants coming from any of the European countries to support our work during holiday season.

During the research broader male population will be  assessed for measurements, ranging from high and college students, to post doc candidates.

If you are willing to have seasonal paid job, are familiar with English language and want to extend your  knowledge on anthropology, medical exams and procedure, do not have problems working with humans and performing basic exams, feel free to apply by sending us:

- your resume and recent photo

- copy of your identity card or passport

- recent copy of your undergraduate grades

- list of subjects, in English language (no official translation needed), of your undergraduate program


Each application has to be individual, containing desired working period in minimal amount of 30 days, starting from 21.06 - 29.08.2016


  •  Paid summer job, 200GBP weekly
  • Two way airplane ticket to London, Getwick
  • Accommodation (shared, double bedroom)
  • Meals

Successful applicants will be invited for initial screening and to undergo pre-assesment verification by conducting one examination procedure.

To apply, send required data to

For more of the researches, visit Open positions page.

Unique entrance into vacancies in Medical researches in Central and Eastern Europe

If you would like to get paid to participate into Medical researches in your Country, as a paid volunteer or as a part of research team, feel free to browse for open positions.

We are organizing different kind of researches, throughout countries and are seeking for persons that can handle sometimes delicate surveys and data collections.

We are not engaging in medical procedures, therefore the positions are for everyone to apply for.


Countries covered by our organization

Austria, Hungary, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Romania, Czech Republic, Romania, Macedonia 

How to apply

Browse for open positions and simply apply by email. We are working on membership area that will enable you to browse for positions in more convenient way.