Participate in Medical Research

Who we are?

Medical Researches Ltd. is company specialized in conducting studies, surveys and researches in situation where involvement of human candidates is required in order to complete the process. This means that we are focused on:

  • Discover the best candidates for conducting the process
  • Locates the candidate to participate in research, study or survey according to statistical demand (e.g. age, gender, location, etc.)

How do we engage?

Medical Research Ltd. is identifying researchers and other parties interested in conducting specialized, human oriented studies and examinations, including medical testings, medical exams, surveys etc. and providing service to conclude the task on broader territory of Central Eastern Europe by engaging a specialized local agents that will help identify proper candidates to conduct research and to participate in research as voluntary paid individuals.

Both, research assistants and participation candidates are paid according to demands of the work.

How can I apply?

In order to apply for the position browse our open positions and apply to the email stated with full and detailed CV.

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