Participate in Medical Research

Skin and subcutaneous changes

This research is focusing on documenting changes on skin and subcutaneous tissue in population of Balkans, namely Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We are seeking Associates who will perform examination procedure, as well as volunteer candidates to undergosina and subcutaneous examination.

Payment to the candidates that will participate in examination: 15EUR

Payment to associates: 30EUR per one examination

Applications: send your contact details by email to

Eligible countries: Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Special requirements: knowing of local language (Serbian, Slovenian, Bosnian)


For candidates willing to participate in skin examinations please fill the survey given on following link: 


Sexuality and Culture Research

This research presents theoretical considerations based on cultural analysis approaches to studying pornography and sexuality as a means of starting to suggest a new agenda for pornography research. By bringing to the forefront concepts of how subjectivity and sexuality are produced within the computer/Internet apparatus, we hope to diversify the focus in porn research away from social science approaches and pre-Foucaultian assumptions of the subject which obscure understandings of new media and porn use of cyberporn vs. traditional means.
Through a summary of visual culture studies and reception studies of pornography, we argue that cyberporn must be understood as contingent within the encoding and decoding processes and discourses of sexuality (Foucault) in which it is produced and consumed. Focus in this research s the home office/terminal as the site of reception/cyberporn use versus live participation in sexual explicit event.

While there is potential for a great variety of cultural analytic approaches to the study of cyberporn and how new media use influences sexuality, we would like to end with specific suggestions for researching cyberporn reception in the home and how the reach of internet encourage population to easier accept pornographic situation which in past were treated as culturally unacceptable .

Apply directly to:

Eligible countries: Serbia

During research focus group will be given task to monitor online explicit sexual acts, over the internet, and then fill the study. During the next phase same focus group will be invited to look live sexual act (either male or female) and respond to survey questions.

Duration of the task: cca. 2 hours

Payment: cca 15EUR in local currency (920 Serbian dinars)


Permanent positions: country representative is expanding it business in following countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia is seeking for permanently employed persons to represent project and support operations.

Primary job role:

                      - help in establishing operations (central and branch offices, identifying and contracting researches)

                      - identifying and contracting volunteers and research participants, and building the database

                      - providing training  to researchers

                      - preparing local researches including application to gov. bodies and research materials

Required skills:

                       - Excellent organizational and presentational skills

                       - Knowledge of English language

                      - Computer literacy: MS Office or alike

                      - Knowledge or experience in conducting delicate assessments on human participants

                      - Capability to work with groups of people simultaneously

If you wish to compete for the position send your CV and recent photo to:

Payment:  basic payment of 1.500EUR Gross + Bonus payments for successful projects up to 4.000EUR Gross

Selection criteria

                           - CV

                           - Demonstrated skills

                           -  Interview (will be held locally with short listed candidates)


End date for application: 01.04.2016

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